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Kaboore is an Online platform that lets you create your own VR 360 video Based Apps.

iOS / Android / WEB SDK

Try our SDK and and create innovative 360 Apps and Websites. Compatible with Google Cardboard. 360-3D videos supported.

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Create even richer apps with our exclusive Hotspot technology. Implement HS in your videos to give them new ways of interaction. Compatible with VR view with crosshair implementation

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Compatible with HLS (iOS / Android) and MpegDash (Web) LiveStreaming formats.

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360 Videos CMS

Manage your 360 videos: decide which ones can be distributed to your apps, create your own channel in Kaboore and share your videos in differents social networks.

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Bring the power of 360 Immersive videos to any APP with our API.

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Kaboore SDK

Develop your own VR 360Video/360Image Apps and WebSites with the Kaboore SDK. Create richer experiences with our HotSpot technology and our LiveStreaming features. Compatible with Google Cardboard (and similar devices) and 360-3D Video/Images.

  • 360 Image
  • 360 video
  • Live Streaming
  • Hotspots
  • Hosting
  • Api access

Try Kaboore-360 SDK

Try our SDK for create your owner inmersive apps.

Try Kaboore CMS

Use our CMS to organize and manage your 360 / VR content in channels and update your apps / websites content dynamically without depending on updates from the different application stores.

Kaboore Hotspots Web Player

Try the Kaboore 360 enhanced player now with Hotspot

Some Examples

Below you can find some of the companies that trusted in our immersive technologies for their apps.



360 Immersive App



360 Immersive App


Havas - Happy Xmas

Kaboore - 360 SDK


Torres 360

360 Immersive App



360 Immersive App

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