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What is a 360 video?


An innovative way of
content visualization

360 Content creates an immersive experience that let viewers look anything aroungd them.


A new concept to

This content is recorded by using several sincronized cameras. Our team uses Freedom 360 cameras in order to get the highest quality.


An example 360º
Palma de Mallorca

This is a promotional Palma de Mallorca video, that shows an example of how tour operators may show as added value when offering their services.

Our services
Our services

A full development team at your Disposal.

360 contents

Expertise in 360 content creation

Mobile applications

We have a team with expertise in developing VR applications

Web applications

Create your VR/ 360 Site with our content viewer.

Apps RV Oculus / HTC

Create with us your HMD-VR applications in Oculus or HTC Vive

[en] Marketing publicitario

Dinaic hotspot editor with our online editor

VR Analytics

Know how your audience interact with your VR content and your hotspots


How I see a video from a Tablet

Nowadays mobile devices let user changes the point of view of this kind of video.

Donde está la demanda o el
Target de estos contenidos

Eventos y Ferias
Eventos offline

Disponemos de experiencia en demostraciones y puestas en escena en ferias y congresos. Expon tu proyecto con nuestra ayuda.

Promoción turística
Cuestión de marketing

Convence a un determinado público que el lugar que promocionas es el idóneo para él, nosotros te ayudamos.

Eventos deportivos
Siente la adrenalina

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Sector inmobiliario
Alto standing

Este sector empieza a ver los contenidos 360 y la inmersión de ellos como una forma magnífica de mostrar su catálogo de viviendas.


How I see a video with the Cardboard

With the Google Cardboards and your mobile phone you will be able to be part of the scene.

The hotspot's added value

Engage your viewer and monetize your application

We provide you a great number of functionalities

  • Links to your e-commerce
  • Augmented information over your videos
  • Links to websites or other apps
  • Story Telling: link between different 360 contents.
  • Augmented information over videos.
  • Product / brand placement: insert products or brands in the scene
  • Dynamic advertising : Create and modify products dinamiaclly in th scene
  • Avoid inserting Hotspots during the video production.

Some companies that use our Technology

Companies like these use teh immersive technology from Kaboore


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